What are the various types of Amazon FBA fees and their benefits?

posted on 23, 2, 2020

amazon fba fee

Amazon gives the seller what they cannot access with their efforts, am talking of around 200 million people a day and a global market to sell their products. This means you can reach everyone at any time while sitting at home. Therefore, as an Amazon seller whether you are FBM or FBA you will part with a general fee for the service Amazon offers you. It’s important to understand the two types of sellers before we go further. Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) is an individual seller who sells on Amazon while Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) are sellers whose duties and services are fulfilled by Amazon. To learn more about such tools visit the link Fba seller has to pay the fulfillment by Amazon fee and therefore Amazon FBA fee. Amazon FBA fee refers to Amazon's fba cost for the services fulfilled by Amazon to its sellers who have chosen and subscribed to Amazon FBA sellers. It means that it’s a cost fba seller pay for all the services that are taken care of by Amazon. Today I am interested in the FBA seller, not FBM. As an Amazon FBA seller, there is Amazon fba cost you incur for these services and duties Amazon fulfill for you. I would like to highlight the benefits and fee on which Amazon fba seller enjoys and pay.

Why become an Amazon FBA seller?

Being an FBA Amazon seller you will enjoy the act of everything done for you by Amazon. First, it’s understandable that selling at one of the biggest tech companies in the world will earn you profit and boost your products, having your products associated with Amazon's name isn’t just to sell but earn you a reputation and market products. Another advantage is subsidies Amazon shipping fba fee , multichannel fulfillment, shipping standardization, access to prime audiences, prices product guidelines and more return.

Amazon fba fees

With such benefits, I believe it will worth your time and money to be a fba seller and get your products to have a different image, i.e. the name of Amazon being associated with your products. All this will not come for free and therefore the Amazon FBA fees. Let’s assess these fba fees.

  1. Fulfillment fee - This is the fba Amazon fee which is charged for the fulfilled duties, remember as an FBA member as mentioned above you enjoy picking, packaging, shipping, handling, customer service, and all the product returns done are taken care of by Amazon then credit them on your account if the money is not enough. This is charged by unit and varies with size standardize or oversize d products. When we talk about packaging and shipping you have understood that Amazon has its packaging materials and there is local shipping and international shipping. With the product being shipped internationally it will attract an international Amazon fba fee but still reduce as an advantage of being an Amazon fba sell. 
  2. S torage fee - This is a fba fee charged for the whole inventory storage; it is normally based on the size and the duration that the product has been held. Sellers will incur storage fba amazon fees for the storage of their merchandise as long as they remain in the stores. Usually, at Amazon, they charge on monthly and long term storage Amazon fba fee. For products sold in less than a month, they charge a monthly fee per cubic foot of inventory or whatever less referred. Another is the long term storage fee which is charged for any product which remains stored in the Amazon fulfillment center for a period longer than a year.
  3.   Standard seller fee - This Amazon fba fee is a fee charged from any sold product on Amazon, it is standardized to not more than 15 percent and the actual amount depends on the cost of the product. Like any other Amazon fba fee, its charged from the seller account and for the great pleasure sellers enjoy having their product associated with Amazon and any other unspecified duty that Amazon does.  

In a nutshell

Some time people think that this fba amazon fee is high and may opt to be an fbm seller but still the benefits FBA Amazon seller gets is worth the cost, just imagine all the duties done for you at such a small percentage? I believe that fba sellers do find amazon fba cost worth the benefit they enjoy and so you should try too. 

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