The Best Amazon Chrome Extensions

posted on 14, 2, 2020

Are you wondering about how to enhance your Amazon FBA productivity? Well, as you know, information isn’t just power; it’s also money. You must keep your information up to date, monitor everything closely so you can react to changes fast and accurately. By reading this article, you take the first step of success! 

What is Amazon Chrome Extension? 

It’s a great idea to use an Amazon seller Chrome extension and similar tools that help you monitor the data you need, while these might also calculate the estimated profit you could get. An Amazon Chrome Extension is a small piece of program which you can install for your Chrome browser and obtain information in a few clicks.

Why do you need Amazon Chrome Extension? 

It is an important question. The best Amazon Chrome extensions listed below offer you many different features, which enhance your FBA business performance. There are dozens of amazon extension Chrome in-browser apps, but in the list below, you’ll find all-in-one price trackers, calculators, and others.

Best Amazon Sales Extensions 

 The following are the top 5 Amazon FBA Chrome extensions, which have been around for a few years, and helped thousands of sellers reach their goals. Every one of the plugins you’ll find in the list has a good reputation, a considerable number of users and they are part of every list concerning Amazon extension for Chrome “best of” collections. Let’s dig in and see the over-the-top plugins!

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension  

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Amazon tool provides product research for Amazon FBA wizards. If you want to find the best selling products IO Scout is the cost-effective Amazon product research tool in the market. It helps you pick the most promising products, thus helping you to decide what to sell. The Jungle Scout and the Extension are two different software, and they are the best combined. For starters, the extension is an excellent option to go, as it’s fast, easy to use, and have a lot of great features:

  • On-Page solution: based on the Amazon product page, the extension shows all the data you need.
  • Estimation of income: The Jungle Scout’s unique algorithm can calculate and estimate the revenue of the selected product.
  • Opportunity Score: a number is depicting how valuable a product idea is, based on historical data, demand, and competition.

amazon chrome extension

Helium 10 Plugin 

Helium 10 Amazon Chrome Extension is a potent tool, one you should consider trying. It’s a fast, yet not exactly lightweight software. It contains five different tools that could help in your Amazon FBA trades. These tools include ASIN number tools, which can identify products and export data. The three other features are profitability calculator, review exporter, inventory level monitor. 

chrome extension amazon

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

The Viral Launch – Market Intelligence Amazon extension for Chrome provides in-depth information and analytics. Use it to find the most profitable product, based on data, like as trends and sales volumes.

With this user-friendly Chrome Amazon extension, you could find those five-star products to make a profit. The Viral Launch – Market Intelligence expression has a rating system, with one to five stars showing the probable profitability of a given item.

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AMZScout (PRO)

AMZScout has several features you could take advantage of. We recommend you give it a shot, mainly because it’s practically packed with features, like:

  • Revenue estimations to find the most profitable ideas
  • Trend monitoring
  • Simple scoring system to make niche-related decisions easier
  • Competition monitoring
  • Income calculations including both profit and fees

The AMZScout Amazon extension for Chrome is a top-notch software, which rocks hard, and is popular among successful Amazon sellers. You should consider trying this plugin, even if you already have a successful Amazon FBA business – it could skyrocket your profits.

amazon extension for chrome

Final Thoughts

The different Amazon FBA Chrome extension listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. As one might expect, there are many others, but there is one thing that’s certain: according to the stats and reviews, these are the best ones. If you want to try one out, choose one from the list above!


Is there a charge for Amazon Chrome Extension?

Amazon is a multi-billion-dollar business, and if you want to get a thin slice of this cake, you must calculate with investments too. After testing an extension,, you must decide whether you pay the price, or you look for something else. Freebies like Amazon Smile Chrome Extension are also useful.

What is Amazon Assistant for Chrome?

Well, the Amazon Assistant for Chrome is the official plugin made by Amazon itself, which offers some excellent features. However, it’s not a business app, but a customer’s assistant. Just look at some of the features: order updates and tracking, daily deals, favorites’ library.

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