Honest FBA Toolkit Review

posted on 28, 2, 2020

If you want to succeed as an Amazon seller you will need the right tools to do that. The competition is growing every day so having a good set of tools is very important to achieve your goals.

FBA Toolkit is one of these tools that has been pretty popular among Amazon sellers. It is using Fulfillment By Amazon. Although there are free alternatives to this tool, it is still a good option.

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What is FBA Toolkit

 FBAtoolkit is a research tool for Amazon sellers that provides basic functionality. It is a collection of useful features for Amazon sellers that help them grow their business on the biggest marketplace in the world. The Amazon FBA toolkit has three main features that help Amazon sellers estimate sales volume, analyze prices and track products.

FBA Toolkit Features

 The FBA tool kit has 3 main features:

The sales rank gives an estimate of everyday sales for specific products and categories on Amazon based on shared characteristics and uses.

The price list analysis analyses uploaded FBA spreadsheets with different metrics which simplifies purchasing decisions: estimated sales rate, profit, markup, current offers.

The product tracker tracks prices, sales and stocks in a listing on the Amazon product page that includes product descriptions, item condition, shipping, price, customer reviews and other important product information.

These three basic features make the FBA tool a good paid alternative to popular tools like CamelCamelCamel and Keepa.

The FBA Toolkit can use the Amazon Sales Rank and use it in the respective categories to see average monthly and daily sales of a product. One of the great things about this tool is that there is a free trial plan that will let users check the data they need. For example an Amazon seller can check how many pieces of a given product have been sold per day. The sales rank can be related to the category average daily sales. This information allows the Amazon seller to set competitive prices and get some of these sales.

The FBA Toolkit has another great feature and it is the Price List functionality. This feature is available through the free account. Here sellers can upload a list of costs in a spreadsheet. The tool will then generate a detailed report that will help with buying decisions.

Although the Amazon Sales Rank is a useful indicator for product sales, it can be inaccurate. That is where the Product Tracking tool comes into play. Say you find a great product at a low price; it seems like the perfect opportunity to buy. And although the ranking and profit margin can be good, this may still be just a seasonal product. The end of the season will probably mark a drop in the sales as well and the inventory will remain unsold.

If you check the ASIN and see that the sales before the particular season were low it is an important sign. This way you will not buy products with occasional spikes that will not sell consistently at the same rate.

With its features and functionality the FBA Toolkit and other similar tools can help you with making better decisions for your Amazon business to take it to another level.

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FBA Toolkit Pricing

 The FBA Toolkit has a lot of offer when it comes to pricing. It has 5 pricing plans the basic plan called Scouter comes with 1 month free trial period while the rest of the plans have no trial.

The basic Scouter plan is very affordable and is perfect for entry-level sellers. Other plans include Starter, Business, Enterprise and Elite.

FBA Toolkit Review Conclusion

 Years ago the FBA Toolkit was a must have. Nowadays there are great alternatives for tracking, product research and competition spying which are much more accurate and reliable than the FBA Toolkit.

When it comes to the features, the FBA Toolkit is a more comprehensive than some of its direct competitors. Yet, they are 100% free. 

Focusing on the marketplaces, it is a great tool to use especially for the Asian market, but it has no service in Amazon Japan and China.

In Conclusion the FBA Toolkit works, but there are other alternatives that are more comprehensive and with better user interface.

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