What are the various types of Amazon FBA fees and their benefits?

Amazon gives the seller what they cannot access with their efforts, am talking of around 200 million people a day and a global market to sell their products. This means you can reach everyone at any time while sitting at home. Therefore, as an Amazon seller whether you are FBM or FBA you will part with a general fee for the service Amazon offers you. It’s important to understand the two types of sellers before we go further. Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) is an individual seller who sells on Amazon while Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) are sellers whose duties and services are fulfilled by Amazon. Fba seller has to pay the fulfillment by Amazon fee and therefore Amazon FBA fee. Amazon FBA fee refers to Amazon's fba cost for the services fulfilled by Amazon to its sellers who have chosen and subscribed to Amazon FBA sellers. It means that it’s a cost fba seller pay for all the services that are taken care of by Amazon. Today I am interested in the FBA seller, not FBM. As an Amazon FBA seller, there is Amazon fba cost you incur for these services and duties Amazon fulfill for you. I would like to highlight the benefits and fee on which Amazon fba seller enjoys and pay.
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